T553 - Urinanalysis Specimen Collection Tubes

Tube made of polypropylene / Cap made of polyethylene

Simport® Urinanalysis Specimen Collection Tubes have a conical bottom to facilitate sample removal. Their design offers a skirted free-standing base. These graduated tubes contain a 75 mg tablet of boric acid in order to preserve urine specimens for up to 72 hours without refrigeration. Offered in two popular sizes. Amber color tubes are available for light sensitive specimens. A white leakproof screw cap is supplied on each tube along with a fill line label. Sterile.

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Cat. # Dimensions (mm)* Graduations Color Volume Qty/cs
T553-10A 16.6 x 84 Etched on tube Natural 10 ml 500
T553-10AA 16.6 x 84 Etched on tube Amber 10 ml 500
T553-12A 16.6 x 102 Etched on tube Natural 12 ml 500
 T553-12AA  16.6 x 102
Etched on tube  Amber  12 ml