T314-542 - Cryostore™ Storage Box


Made of polycarbonate

Made of extra strong polycarbonate, these durable cryogenic storage boxes are designed to be used at temperatures between -196 °C and +121 °C and are autoclavable at 120 °C, 15 psig (1 bar) for ­­­­20 minutes. Different colors are available to accommodate 42 x T310-10A cryogenic tubes.

A transparent cover allows the user to see the contents of the box, and is keyed to the base to prevent misalignment. Printed with a series of squares numbered from 1 to 42, the surface accepts writing with markers, facilitating inventory control.

A unique color coding system uses colored plastic grids to separate the cover from the base on the box. A choice of four popular colors is available.

Series 542: Size: 133 mm x 13 mm x 95 mm H ( 5 1/4 x 5 1/4 x 3 3/4 in. H)

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Cat. # For cryogenic tubes Color of grid Qty/Pk Qty/Cs
T314-542B 10 ml Blue 5 10
T314-542G 10 ml Green 5 10
T314-542R 10 ml Red 5 10
T314-542Y 10 ml Yellow 5 10