T101 - Biotube™


Made of polypropylene

The T101 BIOTUBE™ System is designed in such a way that the 96-place rack, having a standard on-center spacing of tubes, also has a standard microtiter sized footprint. This rack is therefore suitable for use with robotics systems and for transferring liquids with multichannel pipettors and autosampling devices that conform to 96-well microplate systems. The same alphanumeric identification is used on the cover and white base. Autoclavable.

These racks are ideal for HTLV-III testing, bacterial and hybridoma cell uptake studies, cell harvesting, pharmaceutical quality control, receptor binding assays, RIA and EIA.

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Cat. # Description Qty/Cs
T101- 1 Rack with 96 plain individual tubes, non sterile 10
T101-2 Rack with 96 plain individual tubes, sterile 10
T101-3 Rack with12 strips of 8 tubes, non sterile 10
T101-4 Rack with 12 strips of 8 tubes, sterile 10
 T101-5  Rack with 8 strips of 12 tubes, non sterile  10
 T101-6  Rack with 8 strips of 12 tubes, sterile 10