T329-3 and -4 - SecureSeal™

Adhesive Film for Microplates

Simport® adhesive sealing films reduce sample-to-sample or well-to-well contamination and/or spill over. SecureSeal™ is economically priced and has the differential advantage of perforated end tabs and a multiple split backing which allow for easier and more accurate positioning and more secure sealing. The polyester based film with acrylic adhesive is inert and thus compatible with almost all microplate procedures. The functional temperature range of the product is -40 °C to +120 °C. SecureSeal™ is less than .001% moisture permeable under high humidity conditions and less than .01% oxygen permeable. DMSO resistant. Each package contains 100 sheets. Use T329-9 Amplate™ Roller for a perfect seal.

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Cat. # Description Sterile Qty/Pk  Qty/Cs
T329-3 SecureSealTM No 100 1000
T329-4 SecureSealTM
Yes 100 1000