Histology and Cytology

Thanks to years of experience in precision plastic molding, Simport offers you the widest choice of Histology Disposables on the market. By choosing Simport, you will be sure to find a cassette especially suited to fill your specific needs when processing regular tissue samples, single and multiple biopsies and also large specimens. Most models can be used with automated labeling machines. Simport also manu-factures many products to assist you with transportation, storage and staining of microscope slides. Here is a brief list of available products: Biopsy Foam Pads, Cassettes for Printers, Cytology Funnels, Disposable Base Molds, Dissecting Boards, Drain Racks, Embedding Rings, Microscope Slide Folder, Microscope Slide Mailer, Microscope Slide Staining Systems, Microscope Slide Storage Boxes, Microscope Slide Tray, Modular Storage Drawers, Prefilled, Specimen Containers, Tissue Capsules, Tissue Cassettes with Metal Lid, Tissue/Biopsy Cassettes with Plastic Lid.