Stainless Base Molds

Made of Stainless Steel

Sizes fit most cassettes. Superior thermal exchange. These molds are for all applications in specimen embedding with all styles of Embedding Rings and Cassettes. Manufactured from high-quality stainless steel for optimal thermal conductivity, the molds have a highly polished surface for easy paraffin block removal. Well corners are rounded for optimal paraffin ribboning.

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Cat. # Size (mm) Qty/Pk
 M474-1  7 x 7 x 5  12
 M474-2  15 x 15 x 5  12
 M474-3  24 x 24 x 5  12
 M474-4  30 x 24 x 5  12
 M474-5  37 x 24 x 5  12