M491 - Histosette® I

Biopsy Processing / Embedding Cassettes


Made of acetal

Disposable plastic cassettes similar to Series M490 but specially designed to hold biopsy specimens during the embedding process, as well as in a storage file. Anterior writing area at a 30° angle. Not suitable for automated printers.
Each case contains 3 dispenser boxes of 500 cassettes.

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Cat. # Color Qty/Cs
M491-2 White 1500
M491-3 Pink 1500
M491-4 Green 1500
M491-5 Yellow 1500
M491-6 Blue 1500
M491-7 Peach 1500
M491-8 Tan 1500
M491-9 Gray 1500
M491-10 Lilac 1500
M491-11 Orange 1500
M491-12 Aqua 1500