M482 & M483 - Cassettes in E-Z Load™ Stacks

Made of acetal

This stack of cassettes allows you to load the Shur/Mark® Cassette Labeling Instruments in one simple operation. Save time and money with these convenient stacks of 50 unique Simport® cassettes. No more manual insertion, one cassette at a time. Just load the stack in the hopper, cut and remove the holding tie and you are ready for printing.

These specially designed cassettes belong to the world-wide known Simport® Histosette® II  design. Molded from a special high density polymer, these cassettes keep specimens safely submerged in liquid and are totally resistant to the chemical action of histological solvents. The efficient flow-through slots maximize fluid exchange and ensure proper drainage.

Two types of cassettes are offered in order to suit your particular needs: a regular tissue cassette and a biopsy model designed to hold small biopsy samples securely during the embedding process. Anterior printing area is at a 45° angle.

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TISSUE CASSETTES (In stacks of 50)

Cat. # Cat. #  Color Qty/Cs
 M482-2BA M482-2LI   White 2000
M482-3BA M482-3LI  Pink 2000
M482-4BA  M482-4LI   Green 2000
M482-5BA M482-5LI  Yellow 2000
M482-6BA M482-6LI Blue 2000
M482-7BA  M482-7LI   Peach 2000
M482-8BA M482-8LI Tan 2000
M482-9BA M482-9LI  Gray 2000
M482-10BA  M482-10LI  Lilac 2000
M482-11BA  M482-11LI  Orange 2000
M482-12BA  M482-12LI  Aqua 2000

  BIOPSY CASSETTES (In stacks of 50)

Cat. # Cat. #  Color Qty/Cs
 M483-2BA M483-2LI   White 2000
M483-3BA M483-3LI  Pink 2000
M483-4BA  M483-4LI   Green 2000
M483-5BA M483-5LI  Yellow 2000
M483-6BA M483-6LI Blue 2000
M483-7BA  M483-7LI   Peach 2000
M483-8BA M483-8LI Tan 2000
M483-9BA M483-9LI  Gray 2000
M483-10BA  M483-10LI  Lilac 2000
M483-11BA  M483-11LI  Orange 2000
M483-12BA  M483-12LI  Aqua 2000