M970-D5B-1 CoreDish®

Breast Biopsy Container

Made of polystyrene

*Please note that due to air shipment restrictions, prefilled products can only shipped by ground or ocean freight, no air shipments of these products will be permitted by Simport Scientific. 

Designed specifically for radiography, separation, imaging and transport of core needle breast biopsies. Special absorbent liner keeps specimens moist (when saline solution is added) prior to radiography while helping to attenuate the x-ray beam. Four compartments are clearly identified (3, 6, 9 and 12) and the radiolucent numbers show up clearly on the radiograph. Formalin may be added prior to transportation to pathology for analysis. An area for writing patient information is provided on the label. Leakproof seal, thanks to o-ring lid, allows for safe and easy transport of the specimens from collection to analysis. Not formalin prefilled. Not available in USA.

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M970-D5B-1  Breast 5  1  10