Precast T-Sue™ Paraffin Blocks

Blocks made of paraffin
Cassettes made of acetal

The precast T-Sue™ Microarray paraffin blocks allow you to prepare tissue arrays without needing any specialized equipment. You can construct a tissue array block in minutes, simply by punching the donor tissue cores and inserting them into the pre-made paraffin recipient block. 

•    No specific technical training or experience needed
•    Quick and inexpensive
•    Ready to accept cores from donor block
•    Consistent core diameter
•    Cassette is permanently bonded to block

Each kit includes 6 Precast T-Sue™ Paraffin blocks and two punch needles with stylet.

Download the How to use instructions here   

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Cat. # Paraffin Block Cores
Core Ø (mm)
 M473-15PC 15  4  6
 M473-24PC 24  2  6
 M473-36PC 36  3  6
 M473-60PC  60  2  6
 M473-72PC 72  1.5  6
 150  1.5  6
M473-170PC  170  1  6