T360 - OneHand™

Microtube Rack

Made of acetal polymer

A newly designed microtube rack that can be used all around the lab. Although one of the most attractive racks available today, it offers all the advantages required by the modern laboratory. Made of highly resistant acetal, it will not shatter or stain in contact with most laboratory chemicals. No coating to worry about, which can chip, peel or rust in a water bath.

The OneHandTM Microtube Rack is compact, lightweight and stackable in order to save as much space as possible. This is why it is ideal for incubators, refrigerators, freezers, under lab hoods and on bench tops. Not only is it submersible but will also sink and maintain stability without tipping over.

The OneHandTM  Microtube Rack is made of 2 tiers to facilitate the insertion and stability of microtubes. Now with one hand, you can easily unscrew just about any type of microcentrifuge tube with a screw-on closure. Thanks to an innovative locking system, the Simport® self-standing Micrewtubes® will securely lock in each well of the base tier and will not turn. All models of microtubes made by various manufacturers will lock in the upper tier, thanks to a series of teeth grasping the collar of the microtube. Convenient handles on each side of the rack will ensure a safe grip when carrying it around. Interlocking feet allow safe stacking. Available in 5 attractive colors. Individually wrapped. 

Size: 293 mm x 115 mm x 39 mm H 

(11 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 1 1/2 in. H)

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Cat. # Capacity Color  Qty/Cs
T360-50B 50 Blue 10
T360-50G 50 Green 10
T360-50L 50 Lilac 10
T360-50O 50 Orange 10
T360-50Y 50 Yellow  10