T340FT - Colored Closures

Colored Closures

The following closures have a flat top to accommodate automatic capping machines in packaging industries. Certified RNase-, DNase-, Pyrogen- and DNA-free.

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Cat. # Color  Qty/Pk
 With Washer Seal    
T340 NOSFT Natural 1000
T340 BOSFT Blue 1000
T340 GOFST Green 1000
T340 LOSFT Lilac 1000
 T340 OOSFT  Orange  1000
 T340 ROSFT Red  1000
T340 YOSFT  Yellow   1000
 T340 WOSFT  White  1000
 T340 BROSFT Brown  1000
 With Lip Seal    
 T340 NLSFT  Natural  1000
 T340 BLSFT  Blue  1000
 T340 GLSFT  Geen  1000
 T340 LLSFT Lilac  1000
T340 OLSFT  Orange  1000
 T340 RLSFT Red  1000
 T340 YLSFT  Yellow  1000
 T340 WLSFT  White  1000
 T340 BRLSFT Brown  1000