T361T - Micrewtube® Plain with Molded Ridges


Made of polypropylene

These new tubes have molded ridges matching serrations on racks such as the Simport T360 OneHand™ Microtube Rack on page 129, thus allowing the removal of caps with one hand. All Simport® Micrewtube® closures (below and on page 128) can be used on these tubes. Made of polypropylene.


Tubes with ribs lock in place when engaged in serrated holes. For details on OneHand™ Microtube Rack.

Tubes and caps in the Micrewtube® Family are certified RNase, DNase, DNA and Pyrogen free.

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Cat. # Style Volume (ml) Qty/Pk
 T361-2T  Self-standing  0.5  1000
 T361-4T  Self-standing  1.5  1000
 T361-5T  Conical bottom
 1.5  1000
 T361-6T  Self-standing  2  1000
 T361-7T  Conical bottom
 2  1000