T330-6 & -7

Microcentrifuge Tube

Made of polypropylene

These 0.6 ml and 1.5 ml graduated rugged tubes are made of laboratory grade polypropylene suitable to withstand the stress of high speed centrifugation up to 20,000g. The one-piece construction incorporates a snug fitting and reliable attached cap even with prolonged boiling. The bottom is reinforced for added protection against leakage. Maximum clarity for visual sample inspection. A frosted writing surface on closure and side of tube allows for easy and convenient sample identification. Highly polished interior ensures low liquid retention. Available in 4 colors. Packaged in tamperproof resealable safety-lock bags.

•    Extra clarity for better visual inspection
•    Boil-proof design
•    Ultra rugged walls made for high speed centrifugation
•    Unique ClickLok™ sealing mechanism
•    Made of highest purity polypropylene

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Cat. # Color Volume Qty/Pk  Qty/Cs
 T330-6N   Natural  0.6 ml 500  5000
 T330-6B*  Blue  0.6 ml 500  5000
 T330-6G*  Green  0.6 ml 500  5000
 T330-6Y*  Yellow  0.6 ml 500  5000
 T330-7N  Natural  1.5 ml 500  5000
 T330-7B  Blue  1.5 ml 500  5000
 T330-7G  Green  1.5 ml 500  5000
 T330-7Y  Yellow  1.5 ml 500  5000
 T330-7AM  Amber  1.5 ml 500  5000

*  Available on request only. Minimum quantitites apply. Please enquire for more details.