Low Surface Tension Microcentrifuge Tubes

Made of polypropylene

The special type of plastic used provides these tubes with a low adhesion surface and optimum sample yield. No lubricant (such as silicone) is necessary, thereby eliminating the danger of sample contamination. It is also graduated and designed to withstand the stress of high speed centrifugation up to 20,000g. One-piece construction with snug fitting attached cap and reinforced tube bottom for added protection against leakage. Tubes are autoclavable to 121 °C. Packaged in tamperproof resealable safety-lock bags. Packaged in tamperproof resealable safety-lock bags. Certified RNase-, DNase-, Pyrogen- and DNA-free.

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Cat. # Color Volume Qty/Pk  Qty/Cs
 T330-6LST  Natural  0.6 ml  500  5000
 T330-7LST  Natural  1.5 ml  500  5000
 T330-8LST  Natural  1.5 ml  500  5000
 T330-72LST  Natural  2 ml  500  5000