T328-96 - PCRack™

Space saving Rack for PCR tubes

Made of polypropylene

This convenient space saving rack was designed especially for storing and working with PCR samples. The PCRackTM will accept all models of 0.2 ml tubes, along with strips of 8 or 12 tubes. 96-well PCR plates can also be accommodated.

The PCRackTM can be horizontally attached to each other in order to build-up any configuration you desire. With the cover on, they are easily stackable one on top of another. Thanks to these special features, efficiency is highly improved allowing you to carry a multitude of tubes and/or strips at the same time. 

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Cat. # Color Qty/Cs
T328-96B Blue 20
T328-96G Green 20
T328-96O Orange 20
T328-96P Pink 20
T328-96R Red  20
T328-96Y Yellow 20
T328-96AS Assorted 20