T329-1 and -2 - SecureSeal™

Thermal Adhesive Sealing Film for PCR application

This transparent sealing tape consists of a 2.0 mil polyolefin film coated on one side with a pressure sensitive acrylate adhesive which does not interfere with cycle reactions. It is ideal for reducing well-to-well contamination and/or spill over in sensitive PCR applications where the minimization of evaporation and vapor loss is critical.

SecureSealTM Thermal Film was developed with the assistance of a major cycler manufacturer for PCR applications. Not only does it offer low-autofluorescence but it will prevent vapor loss and is thermostable and functional from -70 °C to +100 °C. Certified RNAse, DNAse and DNA-free. DMSO resistant.

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Cat. # Color Sterile  Qty/Pk Qty/Cs 
T329-1 Transparent  No 100  1000
T329-2 Transparent   Yes 100  1000