T319-4N 0.1 ml Tube and Cap Strips for Qiagen Rotor-Gene™ Q Real-Time Rotary Analyzer

Tube and Cap Strips


Made of polypropylene

The Rotor-GeneTM analyzer was formerly designed by Corbett. These RotoCyclerTM strips are perfectly designed to perform on Rotor-GeneTM instruments. Tube strips are packaged separately from cap strips. The frosted extensions on caps not only make them more efficient and secure during handling but also offer a convenient area for labelling. For individual use, tube and cap strips can easily be separated and used as individual units. Each package contains four bags of 250 tube strips and four bags of 250 cap strips. Case content is sufficient for 4000 reactions.

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Cat. # Description Qty/Pk  Qty/Cs
 T319-4N Tube and Cap Strips, 0.1 ml
250 1000