T319-72D2 and -100D1 RotoCycler™ Discs for Qiagen Rotor-Gene™ Q Real-Time PCR Cycler

RotoCycler™ Discs




Made of polypropylene

The RotoCycler™ Discs are specially made to be used with the Qiagen Rotor-Gene™ Q Real-Time PCR Cycler. 

Two models are available: 

  • 72-well disc with 100 µL tubes (recommended reaction volume 20-25 µL) for use with the original Rotor-Disc® 72 Rotor and Rotor-Disc® 72 Locking Ring
  • 100-well disc with 30 µL tubes (recommended reaction volume 15-20 µL) for use with the original Rotor-Disc® 100 Rotor and Rotor-Disc® 100 Locking Ring 

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Download high resolution image of T319-72D2

Download high resolution image  of T319-100D1

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Cat. # Description Qty/Pk
 T319-72D2 RotoCycler™72 Disc with 72 wells of 100 µL, recommended reaction volume 20-25 µL 24
RotoCycler™100 Disc with 100 wells of 30 µL, recommended reaction volume 15-20 µL 30