T325-3 and -4 - Amplitube™

PCR Reaction Tubes, 0.5 ml

Made of polypropylene

Also designed for oil-free operation, the inside of these tubes has a polished surface, a conical shape and a round bottom for maximum sample recovery. They offer optimum contact with thermal cycler blocks. Their ultrathin wall design will ensure rapid thermal transfer and a significant reduction in cycle and PCR reaction time. Graduated in 0.1 ml increments.

Attached hinged caps are either dome or flat-topped and provide positive sealing during thermal cycling stages. They will prevent evaporation while being easily opened and closed with one hand. Choice of colorless and four non-cytotoxic and non-metallic colors for visual coding of samples.  Packed in tamperproof resealable bags. Autoclavable.

1    Domed cap provides a snap shut positive seal
2    Pierceable flat cap
3    Attached cap allows opening and closing with one hand
4    Etched writing surface for sample identification
5    Graduated in 0.1 ml increments
6    Ultrathin wall
7    See-thru polypropylene
8    Round bottom makes tube easy to empty

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 Cat. #
Domed Cap
Cat. #
Flat Cap 
Color  Qty/Cs 
T325-3N T325-4N Natural 1000
T325-3B T325-4B Blue 1000
T325-3G T325-4G Green 1000
T325-3R T325-4R Red 1000
T325-3Y T325-4Y Yellow 1000