T402 - Vacucap™

Tube Closures

Made of polyethylene

An economical way to recap blood drawing tubes, disposable glass test tubes and plastic culture tubes. Flexible VACUCAP™ closures protect from aerosols of highly infectious microorganisms. They guard samples against cross-contamination and laboratory work areas against infection and spillage. Precision molded from low-density polyethylene, with a double-flanged seal, VACUCAP™ clamps firmly on the tube. VACUCAP™ holds fast under most rigorous procedures, including centrifugation. Not suitable for autoclaving. Designed for easy-on, easy-off use, due to the exclusive Dual Thumb Tab. Cap removal is simple and quick. VACUCAP™ closure is ideal for recapping most 13 mm and 16mm O.D. evacuated glass blood collection tubes. 13 mm style can also be used on most 12 mm plastic test tubes.

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Cat. # For tubes Color  Qty/Pk Qty/Cs 
T402-13N   13 mm  Natural  1000  6000
 T402-13B  13 mm  Blue 1000   6000
 T402-13G 13 mm  Green  1000  6000
 T402-13GY  13 mm  Gray  1000  6000
 T402-13L  13 mm  Lavender  1000  6000
 T402-13R  13 mm  Red 1000   6000
 T402-13Y  13 mm  Yellow  1000  6000

Cat. # For tubes Color  QtyPk Qty/Cs 
 T402-16N  16 mm  Natural  1000  6000
 T402-16B  16 mm  Blue  1000  6000
 T402-16G  16 mm  Green  1000  6000
 T402-16GY  16 mm  Gray  1000  6000
 T402-16L  16 mm  Lavender  1000  6000
 T402-16R  16 mm  Red  1000  6000
 T402-16Y  16 mm  Yellow  1000  6000