50 ml Centrifuge Tubes

Tubes made of either polystyrene or polypropylene

These centrifuge tubes are also useful for collecting and transporting biological specimens. Leakproof characteristics are ensured by a flat top plastic screw cap with an inner sealing lip. Tubes are made of translucent polypropylene or optically clear polystyrene with molded graduations from 2.5 to 50 ml. 

Polypropylene tubes can be autoclaved and will resist temperatures up to 121 °C; they will also resist acids, solvents and alkalies at room temperature. They withstand centrifugation speeds of 3000 x g. 

Polystyrene tubes can tolerate aqueous solutions of mild bases or weak acids, but not organic solvents, aromatic or chlorinated hydrocarbons, and they cannot be autoclaved. They withstand centriguation speeds up to 1000 x g.

Tubes are available in bags or in polypropylene racks for better protection during transport, storage and for convenient laboratory use. Racks can hold up to 25 tubes. Tubes are supplied sterile with green caps or non sterile with yellow caps. External Diameter: 29 mm.  Height: 118 mm.

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Cat. # Description Material Cap color  Packaging Qty/Cs
T420-1  Sterile Polystyrene Green Rack/25 500
T420-3  Sterile Polypropylene Green Rack/25 500
T420-4  Sterile Polypropylene Green  Bags/25 500
T420-5  Non Sterile Polypropylene  Yellow  Rack/25 500
T420-6  Non Sterile Polystyrene  Yellow Bulk 500
T420-7  Non Sterile Polypropylene  Yellow Bulk 500