Sample Tubes with Internal Threads

Made of polypropylene

High quality screw cap sample tubes manufactured of translucent autoclavable polypropylene. Tube with internal threads. Caps are supplied with or without a silicone washer, to ensure a positive leakproof seal at all temperatures. A 11/4 turn of the cap is sufficient to seal the vial. Since both closures and tubes are manufactured of the same material, they have the same coefficient of expansion to guarantee an equally secure seal both at room or at low temperatures. Round bottom tubes only can be centrifuged up to 14,000g. Order caps separately.

•    For storing and transporting biological material
•    All polypropylene construction
•    Withstand temperatures from -196 °C to 121 °C
•    Withstand centrifugation
•    Autoclavable
•    Non sterile

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Cat. # Vol. (ml) Style Size (mm)  Qty/Pk
T500-1T 1.2 Self standing  12.5 x 43 1000
 T500-2T  2  Self standing  12.5 x 49 1000
 T500-4T  4 Round bottom  12.5 x 72 1000
 T500-4AT  4 Self standing  12.5 x 72 1000
 T500-5T  5 Round bottom  12.5 x 92 1000