T550 & T552

Self-Standing Non Sterile Transport Tubes



Tube made of polypropylene / Cap made of polyethylene

Designed for storage and transportation of biological material. Manufactured from non-toxic polypropylene, tubes provide strength and clarity and exhibit some unique design features. Five sizes are available from 5 to 30 ml. The T550-10ATPR tube has a white marking area to make sample identification more convenient. All graduated tubes are in 0.5 ml increments. They have external threads to provide a smooth and uniform inner surface.

A perfect leakproof seal is obtained by the use of a specially designed flexible sealing lip inside the polyethylene closures. Cap also feature a long skirt and a super fast thread design allowing them to be removed or sealed with a single turn. Tubes and caps are sold separately.

Used extensively in the following laboratories:

• Protein Chemistry
• Molecular Biology
• Tissue Culture 
• Pharmaceutical
• Toxicology 
• Horticulture/Agriculture
• Nutritional Science 
• Food and Beverage
• Chemistry 
• Biology 
• Quality Control
• Immunology


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T550-10AT, -10ATPR 



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Cat. # Dimensions (mm)* Graduations Volume  Qty/Pk
 T552-5ATTP  16.6 x 65  Etched on tube  5 ml  1000
 T552-7AT  13.4 x 84  Non graduated  7 ml  1000
 T550-10AT  16.6 x 85  Non graduated  10 ml  1000
 T550-10ATPR  16.6 x 85  Printed on tube  10 ml  1000
 T552-10ATTP  16.6 x 84  Etched on tube  10 ml  1000
 T552-12ATTP  16.6 x 102  Etched on tube  12 ml  1000
 T552-30AT  25.3 x 111  Etched on tube  30 ml  5 Pk of 100

* For dimensions only, cap is included but should be ordered separately