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M520 - Microscreen™ I Biopsy cassettes

  • Cassette frame made of acetal, resistant to histological solvents
  • Mesh made of nylon: 1500 square openings (300 μm each)
  • Eight 11 mm slots in base and lid to help cassette sink rapidly
  • Anterior writing area at 45° angle
  • The hinge design configuration allows for multiple opening and closing

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Biopsy processing/embedding cassettes, the finest design for small and delicate specimens.
The Microscreen™ cassette is made of a strong nylon mesh and designed to handle small, fragile biopsies.

  • Sturdy nylon mesh improves fluid exchange by reducing surface tension of reagents.
  • Accelerates fixation/preparation of tissue samples.
  • Eliminates the need for pads, sponges, nylon or lens paper bags.
  • Reduces the number of incidents involving non-fixed or insufficiently fixed tissues.
  • Inner chamber design for greater biopsy protection.
  • Large front tab for easier lid opening.
  • The hinge design configuration allows for multiple opening and closing.

Each case contains 4 dispenser boxes of 250 cassettes with covers assembled.


Material Acetal
Angle 45 degree
CE - IVD Yes
Qty/Inner box 250
Qty/Cs 1000
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