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M517T - Swingsette™ - Tissue cassettes in QuickLoad™ Stack (taped)

  • Made of acetal
  • Taped cassettes to be used with Leica and Sakura Ink Jet printers
  • Anterior writing area at a 45° angle
  • Large tab for convenient and easy opening
  • Covers packaged separately
  • Easy-to-assemble disposable cover with special hinge

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Swingsette™ Tissue cassettes suited for the Leica and Sakura labelers. These cassettes will load in those cassette labeling instruments in one simple operation. Save time and money with these convenient stacks of 40 Simport®  cassettes.  Just load the cassette sleeve in the magazine and you are ready for printing.

These disposable plastic cassettes hold tissue specimens during processing and embedding, as well as in storage. Molded from acetal, they keep specimens safely submerged in liquid and are resistant to the chemical action of most histological solvents. The efficient flow-through slots maximize fluid exchange and ensure proper drainage.

This model differs by the special hinge that holds the base and cover together. The hinge design configuration allows for multiple opening and closing of the lid.

Cassettes are packaged in stacks of 40. Each case contains 50 stacks for a total of 2000 cassettes.

Fluo Pink, Fluo Green and Fluo Yellow are also available. Minimum quantities apply. Contact us for more details.


Material Acetal
Angle 45 degree
Compatible with Leica and Sakura printers
CE - IVD Yes
Qty/Cs 2000
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