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B351-4 - UriFlex™ 24-Hr Flexible Urine Collection Bag


  • For the safe collection, transportation, and handling of urine samples
  • Flat when empty, save on transportation costs
  • Space-saving; storage and refrigerator
  • When in use, free-standing and stable
  • Made of UV-resistant materials
  • Will not rip, tear, or wrinkle
  • Rotating dripless spout with a controlled pour
  • Integrated patient information label
  • Volume is determined by weight

More details

Exterior made of PET - Interior made of PE. 

Drastically reduce transportation and storage costs.

A very discreet way to use and carry samples.

User-friendly rotating pour spout, dripless pouring with a controlled flow.

The bag is made of UV-resistant materials, which makes it appropriate for testing light-sensitive analytes.

Strong, thick co-extruded laminated plastic film that will not rip, tear or wrinkle even under heavy weight or stress.

The gusset bottom panel allows the bag to stay self-standing when filled.

An integrated patient identification area.

  • Empty: 33 cm x 26.5 cm H.

  • Totally filled (approximate): 29 cm x 16 cm x 25 cm H.

  • 50 mm wide opening

  • The tare weight of 64 g (± 1 g)

  • It can contain up to 3.5L of urine

  • No graduations, liquid volume is determined by weight


Material Exterior made of PET- Interior made of PE
Cap color White
Length (mm) Empty: 33 cm
Height (mm) Empty: 26.5 cm
Properties Polypropylene closure and polyethylene spout
Qty/Cs 30
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