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T315 - Cryovial® Workstation Rack

  • Holds 50 cryogenic vials or sample tubes
  • Made of polypropylene, resistant to temperatures between -196 °C and 121 °C
  • Available in blue, red and Lilac
  • Locking base allows for one hand cap assembly and removal with skirted cryovials

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This handy autoclavable rack can hold up to 50 cryogenic vials or sample tubes . Now with one hand, you can easily unscrew a Simport® Cryovial® closure. Thanks to an innovative universal locking system, the vials will securely lock in each well and will not turn. Each position is identified with an alphanumeric index. Strong handles make it easy and safe to carry. It is supported by anti-skid rubber feet. The rack is compact and stackable.

Available in three colors.

Size: 10 cm x 20 cm x 25 mm H (4 x 8 x 1 in. H)

Hole size: 12.5 mm


Material Polypropylene (PP)
Length (mm) 10 cm
Width (mm) 20 cm
Height (mm) 25 mm
Autoclavable Yes
Qty/Cs 4


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