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T340 - Colored Caps for Micrewtube®

  • Caps with silicone washer seal are made of polypropylene 
  • Caps with lip seal are made of polyethylene 
  • Free of RNase, DNase, Pyrogen, and DNA 
  • Variety of designs including the attached loop
  • Color-coded CapInsert™ option for some models
  • Available in nine colors

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Select from the below options
  • Without loop
  • Flat top without loop
  • With loop
  • Washer seal
  • Lip seal

Six styles of caps to choose from and two sealing types: washer seal and lip seal.

The cap is molded with a deep internal lip that fits snugly against the interior wall of the tube thus preventing the contents from coming in contact with the seal or threads, thereby reducing the chances of sample contamination. The cap's high profile facilitates manipulation especially in aseptic procedures and can remain attached (T332 & T336 Series) to the tube in order to eliminate mix-ups and contamination. All tubes and caps are manufactured in a clean environment.

Caps can be COLOR CODED by the use of T345 Series Colored Capinsert™ inserted on the top of the cap. This is accomplished without removing the cap. Colored caps are also available in all models as listed below.


Tube material Washer seal caps made of polypropylene; lip seal caps made of polyethylene
Qty/Pk 1000

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