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T401 - Plug Caps

  • Made of polyethylene
  • Available in either plug type or 2-position snap cap design
  • Two position cap provides sealed cap for anaerobic cultures and loose position for aerobic work
  • Plug type caps available in six colors

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  • 12 mm
  • 17 mm

Plug type push-in caps and 2-position snap caps are made of polyethylene for test tubes with outside diameters of 12 mm or 17 mm. Caps T401-10N to T401-10Y are specifically designed for urine tubes T408.

Dual position caps offer two possibilities: the closed but unsealed position where samples are maintained aerobic for microbiological procedures; and the fully sealed position where the cap is pushed tight to seal the tube for anaerobic use or for storage, transfer and centrifuge applications. Not autoclavable.


Cap material Polyethylene
Properties For use with 12 mm or 17 mm tubes
Qty/Bag 1000
Qty/Cs 4000

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