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T501/T502 - Screw Cap for T501 Sample Tubes

  • Made of polypropylene
  • Available with or without silicone washer
  • Long skirt and super fast thread design for easy seal
  • Autoclavable

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Select from the below options
  • With lip seal
  • With a silicone washer

Caps are available either with or without a silicone washer between the cap and the tube to ensure a positive leakproof seal at all temperatures. As for tubes, these closures are also made of polypropylene, providing the same coefficient of expansion for both, which further enhances the leakproof qualities of the vials at changing temperatures. The cap features a long skirt and a super-fast thread design that allows it to be removed or sealed with a single turn.

Tubes sold separately
T501 Sample tubes


Cap material Polypropylene
Autoclavable Yes
95 kPa Tested
Qty/Pk 1000

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