CulTube™ Club

Published : 02/02/2023 11:18:15
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CulTube™ Club

Our owner is good at playing with words, the CulTubes™ collection demonstrates this. CulTubes™ is the contraction of culture and tubes, clearly identifying these tubes are for culture.

These tubes supplied with the famous 2-position caps are for various applications. A brilliant invention whose origin was forgotten in microbiology history provides all the flexibility needed for all microbiology work.

Are you culturing bacteria or a gas exchange? Whether you want bacteria exposed to the possible environment of a CO2-enriched incubator, or you need the cap to vent metabolism by-products of the growing bugs, this product will do the trick! Remember to loosely place the cap on the tube, stopping after the first click!

However, if you want to maintain a sample in its current state for refrigeration or freezing, or when you need a leakproof closure, push down fully on the cap for an air and liquid-tight closure.

The Simport CulTubes™ is known and appreciated around the world. Is it because we've designed a slightly different cap for the polystyrene and the polypropylene tubes to provide an optimal fit? Or because we are one of the rare companies to offer our tubes with printed graduations and a practical writing patch? Or the multiple packaging options (oriented, bulk, or individually wrapped) that make microbiologists salivate?

We are thrilled to announce that we are back to delivering them like before after diverting our manufacturing capabilities to other high-demand products during the pandemic. Canadian-made and offered in clear polystyrene for easy content viewing or shock and chemical-resistant polypropylene. Both are sterile, ready to be inoculated, or used for all testing by our customers.

Visit our entire CulTube™ collection here.

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