Follow Simport technological breakthrough in immunofluorescence: The StainTray

Published : 12/07/2023 15:11:19
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Follow Simport technological breakthrough in immunofluorescence: The StainTray

According to the testimonies I could gather, Some people do their immunohistochemistry (IHC) techniques on the side of the sink or in the bottom of the sink, while others palce their slides on a wet paper in the bottom of a rack, a Tupperware plate or even a 50mL tube! Simport offers a novative product a lot more user-friendly: the StaintrayTM.Why should you get it for your lab?


Tacky strip for slides and drain plug


  •          A first advantage and surely the most appreciated one is the tacky strip on raised rail that ensure slides are firmly fixed to the StaintrayTM while you move it or when you drain and wash slides between staining steps.


  •          Tacky strips dominate the top of raised rails. This rail gives you the possibility to easily place and remove your slides with your fingers. Having your slides elevated gives you also the possibility to poor an aqueous solution in the bottom of the StaintrayTM  to keep humidity all over the duration of exposition of your slide to the antibody solution preventing it to evaporate.


  •          StaintrayTM also has a hole and plug so you can drain your aqueous solution to keep humidity, but also to clean the slides.


One base, two lids


  •          StaintrayTM is compatible with 2 types of lids one clear and the other black.


o   Clear: tolerate temperature range from -20°C to +60°C, so you can refrigerate it, keep it in the freezer section of a refrigerator or place it in an incubator.

o   Black: tolerate temperature range from -80°C to +80°C, so it can withstand higher temperature in incubation and can be stored in a -80°C freezer. The black cover is ideal for immunofluorescence.



Other unique aspects


  •          Washable with water and soap, StaintrayTM is perfectly reusable. To optimise storage, it is stackable.


  •          Four rubber feet ensure greater base stability.


  •          Lastly, Simprot offers three version of the StaintrayTM; 10, 20 or 30 slides, as needed, which respectively correspond to Simport product code number : M918, M920 et M922. You can click here to find them on Simport website.


Considering all its advandages, companies like Abcam choose the StaintrayTM to demonstrate their IHC protocols : Click here to watch the demonstration. What about you? Do you have yours? Request a quote for this product today by visiting our website:


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