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  • M922

    Holds up to 30 slides Ideal for hematology, cytology, and microbiology labs Rails covered with a special 'tacky' polymer strip that holds slides in place, even if the tray is held at an angle Raised rails facilitate easy retrieval of slides 4 rubber feet ensure greater base stability

  • M900-12

    Made of acetal Will resist most commonly used histological solvents 80 ml reagent volume Individual jars are available in 5 colors (Caisse of 6) M900-12AS includes 5 jars (one of each color) and 1 rack M905-12DGY Aluminum holder sold separately M906 Slide Staining Rack M905-12DGY sold separately

  • M964-20FW

    Disposable funnel offers lower risk of contamination than reusable funnels Pre-attached filter card for reliable and consistent results Run two samples simultaneously on single slide Can be used with with all stainless steel slide clips All individual components also available separately

  • M479-24 + M479BA

    For chilling and preparing paraffin blocks Keeps paraffin blocks cold up to 4 hours Tray made of high impact polystyrene for longevity Insulator base made of styrofoam 

  • M970/1-D5/8/12

    Made of polystyrene Multi-compartment container for specimen collection Leakproof closure with o-ring Numbered compartments Available with prefilled 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin

  • M800

    Made of high impact polystyrene Slides fit perfectly to avoid vibrations and breakage during transport Special locking tab keeps slide mailers securely in place Hole provided to attach ID label or tamper evident tie Three writing surfaces for proper slide identification Access one slide at a time while other slides remain protected

  • T320-2

    8 tube strip with attached individual caps Made of FDA compliant polyproplylene RNase, DNase, DNA and Pyrogen free Leakproof/evaporation tested Choice of Domed cap or optical clear, pierceable flat cap

  • T320-96

    For PCR and qPCR applications  Compatible with all instruments that fit non-skirted, low profile plates Can be separated into 8 strips or higher Molded from virgin polypropylene RNase, DNase, Human Genomic DNA free  0.2 ml low profile format Sealable with the T321-96N PCR cap strips, or T329-6 Adhesive Seals or Heat Seals

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Founded in 1975, Simport® Scientific is a leading developer and designer of quality consumable and reusable laboratory products. Our extensive range of more than 2000 items is sold over the 5 continents through our remarkable distribution network. Our operational agility brings us to offer reliable and quality products that are the basis of effective modern laboratories.

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