The Side Slots of the New SuperFlo™ Histological Cassette - The Embedding Method

Published : 08/07/2023 10:50:45
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The Side Slots of the New SuperFlo™ Histological Cassette - The Embedding Method

Benefits of SuperFlo™  

The launch of the new SuperFlo™ histology cassette by Simport brings innovative advantages for users of the Unisette™ and Swingsette™ cassette models:

- Basket-shaped base ideal for managing small specimen

- Addition of side openings allows a maximum exchange of reagents by the 4 sides

- Reduction of the incidence of unfixed or insufficiently treated tissues by offering:

    • Complete post-fixation
    • Complete dehydration of the tissue
    • Optimal clarification
    • Better paraffin impregnation

    Embedding Study

    For those concerned about paraffin leaking from the side sales of the SuperFlo™, it is worth recalling at the outset that good laboratory working practices tell us that filling the upper part of the cassette is unnecessary. Simport tested it with a fabric cassette, and the result was impeccable:

    For those who still wish to fill the cassette base with paraffin, Simport has undertaken to study the impact of the side slits on the complete embedding of the cassette. I share with you without further delay the results of our experiment:

    For the micro biopsy cassette, the holes are small enough for the capillarity to retain the paraffin in the cassette once filled in a single shot. As it cools, paraffin overflow from the cassette is minimal to non-existent.

    However, for the biopsy and tissue models, we have found that when we pour paraffin all at once to fill the cassette base, the paraffin escapes through the side slots.

    Suggestions for Optimizing Paraffin Embedding

    To avoid paraffin overflows during embedding, we suggest that those who want to fill the base of the cassette with paraffin proceed as follows: 

    1- 1st partial filling of paraffin, typically to the bottom of the base
    2- 2 min rest on the Koolplate™: or on a cooling plate to obtain partial cooling of the paraffin
    3- 2nd jet of paraffin to fill the upper part of the cassette

    The results obtained by this method are impressive: the paraffin does not overflow.

    Neither in the biopsy cassette:

    Neither in the tissue cassette:

    These results contrast compared to filling with a single jet:

    Let us know your comments and impressions of the SuperFlo™. Have you tested it yet? Make a request now for a free sample:

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