Published : 10/12/2022 15:48:14
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Simport Scientific’s mission is to offer laboratories around the world innovative and quality laboratory products. These will be used to diagnose men and women in need or to advance biological science. This mission, which we take to heart, has been thoroughly tested over the past two years. Turbulence in the global supply chain, low labor availability, and compliance with health requirements in a time of the pandemic, coupled with soaring inflation. These are all challenges that could affect our service to our customers.

But let it be known that our entire team is committed to addressing these challenges on a daily basis. This way, we can continue to serve the laboratories that, without the equipment we provide, would have difficulty producing the expected results. For example, we have increased our production capacity here in Canada. This geographical location allows us to use 99% renewable electricity. In doing this, we contribute to reducing GHGs and protecting the environment. Producing locally also provides us with the flexibility to quickly adapt to changing and highly variable customer needs. We have invested heavily in production and robotic units that allow us to continue to meet growing demands, despite the difficulties encountered in terms of staff availability. We strongly share this belief that the supplier closest to its customers is able to offer them benefits in terms of reliability of supply and flexibility of adaptation to demand. Offshore providers simply cannot give this level of service.

If the number of infections is declining, the challenges remain. We are now working in a new reality that has its own rules. Indeed, the pandemic has damaged the global production of products that are now known to be essential. That is why we continue to invest in R&D to develop new supplies for the technologies used today. If our business is to remain profitable, our family structure allows us to curb our appetites so that we can reinvest in order to meet the demands of these unprecedented times.

The rising costs we are currently facing are another barrier that we cannot avoid or fully absorb. By being cautious in our projections and frugality in our supplies, we ensure that we control these increases as much as possible. We will obviously have to share some of that with our clients. But we are working to maintain efficient manufacturing methods and improve our production methods without jeopardizing the quality of our products.

In this regard, we have built our reputation over the past 50 years by providing products of recognized high quality. The torch of this fundamental value is carried high by all members of our family. We are not perfect, but we are listening to our customers. We are always grateful to everyone who takes the time to highlight our opportunities for improvement. A heartfelt thank you! Your collaboration allows us to continue to progress on the path of the ever-increasing demands of users and the automated systems they use that are powered by our production.

We have all gone through difficult and sometimes distressing times, but we come out of it with the conviction that we have evolved and grown. We assure you today that, despite the obstacles that remain and the challenges of everyday life, we remain steadfast in our desire to serve you. We will continue to work to provide laboratories around the world with the tools they need. Thus this chain of solidarity will be able to continue to function and bring its benefits to all of humanity, today more than ever.

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