The Devils Are In The Details

Published : 02/11/2022 13:41:11
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The Devils Are In The Details

When we decided to begin manufacturing PCR products, we aimed to achieve well-defined objectives.

• Offering a competitive product

• Where possible, offering technological advances and innovative features

• Offering a highly efficient product

 Manufacturing here in Canada and competing with Asian manufacturers is quite challenging. For this reason, we use our wealth of imagination to automate the production of our products to offer them at the same price range as our competitors. We achieve producing locally at competitive prices. If one finds abroad similar products for fewer pennies, one is often losing quality and customer support.

Offering innovations is in Simport’s DNA. We have launched the following: tube strips with individually attached caps (T320-2N) and protective «shields» to avoid coming into contact with the inside of the caps (T325-1). Resins without additives, to protect the integrity of the reaction but sufficiently polished to provide transparency allowing PCR in real-time (T321-2). And our very latest innovation, the Superflex PCR plate and cap mats (T320-96N). It is also available in white resin to increase the signal.

But when you look at performance, this is where we excel! The thinner the tube wall, the better the heat transfer for increased productivity and higher yields. Easier said than done… molding small parts that will always have the same thickness is an art that few masters, but Simport does! Our requirement for this feature is a tube thickness of 0.2 to 0.25 mm. This is the thinnest requirement on the market and our daily challenge is to produce this consistently. The devil is really in the details. But don’t take my word for it. Order a sample and see for yourself how details make a difference in real life!

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