Published : 10/21/2021 14:07:29
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We are thrilled to launch this new blog on our website. Here, you will find a variety of information, shared on a somewhat different tone and approach than straight and simple production descriptions. We will share our thoughts, maybe some “secret” information, tips on applications and opinions about our industry and where we fit in it. This article is an example of the latter.

Simport is almost 50 years old now. Mr André Lafond our founder was distributing laboratory products coming from overseas (Scientific IMPORT) when he finally decided: Gess, I’m sure we could make as good a product here if not better!” In a country that saw generations of Canadians use their creativity to tackle the hostile environment or the challenges they met, in a province that saw the invention of the snowmobile and coop savings, he decided to continue the tradition. He still had this fire burning inside like most of us do, to find new and better ways of doing what was offered before. And he wanted to continue serving the healthcare system which is truly a Canadian value.

I can tell you that we have progressed a lot on that road to innovation and better products to match our customer’s needs. Two factories, one logistics distribution hub and the head office now make up this company. We manufacture the vast majority of our products here in Canada managing to keep them competitive through innovation and automation. We have our own R&D department here that invents and develops robots and machines to tackle the needs of manufacturing. We launch new products all the time, sprung out of the ever working Lafond’s mind. For instance, new approaches to slide mailing or to multiple biopsy classification and transportation. We were looking for traceability in histology before the concept even existed! Manufacturing here gives us a much better handle on quality management and the ability to very quickly adapt to the ever-changing needs of the market.

We have developed a culture of serving our customers through a very efficient customer service group, swift complaint management and marketing & regulatory support for our customers. We are recognized as one of the companies that really places the customer first. Our activity also contributes to a large array of connected activities upstream and downstream what we do, contributing to local purchases and a strong local economy.

Now that you know us better, we invite you to consider our innovative products and the solutions we offer, to experiment with the kindness of the people of this country with their rather strong French accent that will leave you wanting to speak to them every day. Experiment with the sturdiness and quality we build in our products and the warm comfortable feeling it will give you towards completing your experiment successfully. And if something goes wrong, you will find us right here by your side, always.

Many have done it before, a testament to our success. It is your turn to join the family now by reaching out to us to continue this formidable adventure together towards 50 years and beyond.

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