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T330AD Universal Centrifuge adapters

  • Made of acetal plastic
  • Reusable and freezable (-90°C)
  • Available for 15 or 50 ml rotor bores or adaptors
  • To be used with T330-75 5.0 ML CLIKLOK TUBES and/or T365 - 5.0 ML MICREWTUBE

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  • For 15 ml rotor bores or adapters
  • For 50 ml rotor bores or adapters

Used in pair, this adaptor is essential to centrifuge any 5mL conical bottom centrifuge tube. T330AD15 fits 15mL bores and T330AD50 fits 50mL bores. The adaptor resists centrifugation up to 25 000g.

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Material Acetal

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