Can Some Histology Cassettes Really Save The World?

Published : 04/25/2023 14:56:40
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Can Some Histology Cassettes Really Save The World?

Everything that we do can contribute to a better world. There is no such thing as a useless environmental choice. Every little action counts. OK, let’s say we agree on that. However, the bold title above requires an explanation.

The cassette one uses in histology may affect solvent and chemical management. Cassettes used with a biopsy sponge or with very small holes, like Simport’s Micromesh™, don’t drain as easily as cassettes with larger holes. This goes without saying. The changeover from one reagent to another in the tissue processor is achieved by simply draining the retort by gravity and filling it with a new reagent. No pressure is applied to express the reagent out of the cassette. And the above-described cassettes and biopsy pads do retain some of that liquid.

This residual reagent will then contaminate the following reagent in a process called carryover. Contaminated reagents lose their efficiency and need to be replaced more often (and the discarded reagent needs to be disposed of somehow). So, in an ideal world, we’d keep reagent carryover to a minimum to minimize the disposal of toxic chemicals.

The new series of SuperFLO™ cassettes from Simport may provide an answer to that problem. Having holes on the sides and shaped mesh in a basket shape will help a lot in draining residual liquid! These will allow you to avoid using a biopsy pad, streamlining the work. Additionally, let’s remember that cassettes are stacked one over the other in processors, forcing the liquid to escape only that end of the pile, making draining already resistant cassettes even more difficult! SuperFLO™ cassettes will drain from the side and through the mesh on all sides. This will allow for lower cross-contamination and less frequent replacement of chemicals, so less disposal of chemicals in the environment!

Plasticware does not have a great environmental reputation. But some of these products, like histology cassettes, are necessary for many fields of work including the laboratory. Innovative designs like the SuperFLO™ will contribute to a better world by reducing chemical waste. May I add that the electricity used by Simport to manufacture our products comes from renewable sources at 99% mostly hydraulic. In conclusion, if using SuperFLO™ cassettes will not “save the world” it is still a very positive contribution to the better environment we all live in. And every little action counts!

To learn more about our SuperFLO™ collection, click here.

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