The Micrewtube® Selection Tool

Published : 01/11/2022 13:23:45
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The Micrewtube® Selection Tool

The Micrew® screw cap microcentrifuge tube series was an overnight success when it launched. No wonder, considering that nowhere else is such a wide selection and variations offered.

In a nutshell, from the get-go Simport® offered to its customers:

• Assembled tubes and caps

• Separate components

• Sterile and assembled products

• Caps with o-rings

• Caps with lip seals

• Flat caps to write something on

• Caps designed to accept Capinsert™ for color identification

• Tethered caps with loops

• Self-standing tubes

• Conical bottom tubes

• Tubes with printed graduations and writing ledge

• Tubes with molded ridges (for one-hand opening)

• Brown colored tubes for light-sensitive material

• Low adhesions resin versions

• Tamperproof versions

• Pierceable septum caps

Offering such a variety is an extraordinary way of meeting every need out there. It also causes a few headaches when it comes time to select from this whole product line for a hesitating customer, especially when multiple configurations could fit the bill. Being able to find the optimal product can be challenging. Of course, our account representatives and customer service agents can assist with this selection process but not everybody contacts us. We had to find a better way to help and support our customers in their selection of which Micrewtube® is exactly what they need.

This is why we created our Micrewtube® Selection Tool  MIcrewtube Selection Tool

This new tool, Simport’s third selection tool following histology cassettes and PCR consumables, walks you through a series of 7 simple questions and directs you to a proposed product that theoretically will meet your needs. Since the questions and answers remain visible throughout the process, if your final result does not meet your expectations, you can easily return and tweak your answers. This will take the process back to where you changed your reply and guide you to the proper answer.

In some cases, you will be offered a few choices that meet all of your basic requirements, but to have to choose between three or four options is easier than between tens or hundreds of them.

I am very fond of our new tool but don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself. And if you have suggestions to improve it, feel free to drop us a note below as we have designed it for you. This new feature will find its only worth and value if you use it!

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