How we achieve leakproof containers while others sometimes leak

Published : 04/14/2023 08:48:34
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How we achieve leakproof containers while others sometimes leak

Certain mysteries in life are hard to solve. Why are flat tires always on the side of passing vehicles; why do I always forget my umbrella when it is going to rain but never on sunny days, and why does a container designed to protect us from exposure to certain uncomfortable or dangerous substances leak?

Despite its apparent simplicity, the sealing of a lid on a container depends on several factors; type and quantity of threads, characteristics of the respective container and lid materials, lip and or seal, etc.

But there is also a little secret that I will share with you if you promise not to tell anyone— It also depends on the amount of resin used to make the container and the lid. Why? At Simport, we achieve an excellent seal with a lipped cap, without lining or seal. It is simpler and cheaper to manufacture. The container wall is inserted and wedged between the lip and the outer wall of the cap, which is the impassable barrier for liquids. On a small container, it is relatively easy to obtain however, for larger containers, the softer it is, the less this seal is achievable. For this reason, many manufacturers add a seal or an o-ring to their containers larger than 60 ml. You now understand that by molding a more robust container with thicker walls and a well-fitting lid, the desired seal will be achieved.

Achieving such a result has a cost. More resin means more raw material in fine, a more expensive container for our customers. We understand that the highest seal is not required for all applications. A little bit of leaking urine is not the end of the world, although a little bit of leaking urine in a hospital pneumatic system that brings the sample to the lab will result in a big mess that will take time to clean. But if we fill the container with a harmful product like formaldehyde, we appreciate the leakproof safety that this container provides. We are glad to have acquired it!

So, if you need leakproof containers, you can count on us. We understand that you will continue to use the neighbors' container for your daily usage until it leads to negative consequences.

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